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Robert McKee certainly said it well:Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” 

I’ve been passionate about words from the time my fingers could firmly grasp a Ticonderoga #2 pencil, using napkins and notepads to express myself and quickly found that I could say whatever it is I wanted much easier with that pencil in my hand.  However, I longed to have something spectacular to write about.  I felt I only needed to wait for the experiences of life to happen to me so that I could capitalize on them and have something to say.  It wasn’t until I had children of my own that I finally understood—Life is spectacular, in both its good and bad states and to be alive is to have experience. The idea that we need to wait for some sort of event or big life happening or that fancy certificate to allow ourselves to write is to waste the words we have right now.

This is when I began to explore the idea that even the most mundane of days are worthy of words and to write them into a story is to connect all of humanity.  Collaborating together, I help put into words your own experiences and ideas so that your voice can be heard. 

I write about all subjects including design, education, health and exercise, art, the great outdoors, and the human experience. I have extensive experience as an educator, and hold a B.S. in Elementary Education, ten years experience as a blogger and content creator, social media specialist, lifestyle photographer, and currently am a member of the editing team for Page One Power, a fabulously beautiful SEO magazine, and a contributing editor for MakersUnwound, especially for artists. Health and fitness are areas I am always striving to be challenged in and you can find me in the backwoods with my family in my spare time. I push hard to provide a rich and elaborate homeschooling experience for my three daughters, working to instill the notion that showers are not optional and to convince my youngest that my soup does not taste like “bad guys.”  I mean, not always.

I am here because writing and people are areas in which I like to invest my time.

It’s just so good you are here,

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