The Secret to Taking Natural Photos of Your Own Children

It’s easy…just say, “smile!”.  You will get un-posed, very cheesy photos that you all will enjoy for years to come, especially right before high school graduation or at your children’s wedding receptions.

Note:  This often only works if you are the parent of your camera subjects.

Smart Storytelling

What is Smart Storytelling?

Smart Storytelling is the ability to say what you need to say in a way that beckons the reader to lean in a little closer.  Whether that “story” is grown out of your reasons for working with disadvantaged youth or why you have recently decided to start selling real estate, every story is worth telling well.  Smart storytelling is what gives a business its identity and telling it well drives promotion and development.  Set yourself apart.   Smart storytelling is crucial to promoting your brand.

I tell smart stories and I can help you tell yours.  Let’s Chat!