Custom Design Projects

Custom designs for art prints and cards.

Game, graphics and video created for Multiplication.com

I created this multiplication game, along with graphics and a tutorial video.

Graphic created for Multiplication.com

I created graphics using my own photography for company newsletter, social media and blogging purposes.  Here is one example.

Makers Unwound Magazine

I have been a contributing editor since the birth of this inspiring endeavor: a magazine just for creators, wanderlusts, foodies, artists, lovers of the Pacific Northwest and those who support the giant efforts of local businesses, artists and entrepreneurs.  I am so proud of this project.  It has been a favorite of mine because I passionately believe in celebrating the artist, the dreamer, the diy-er and the beautiful world in which we live.  I edit the magazine, blending rules with style, and rewrite copy when necessary.  I also fill in by writing original copy in the form of articles, poems, and prose when necessary.  I aid in idea formation and do have some collaborative creative license in the magazine layout and design.  For more information, visit Makers*Unwound.

Sample Blog Post I wrote for Multiplication.com

I was hired as a social media journalist to promote education and provide parents and students with lesson plans, math games, and inspiration.  I was also in charge of writing and publishing their monthly newsletter for over 11,000 viewers.  Here is a look at one of my articles that was meant to inspire.

Web Site Design and Content Created for Home Staging Company: www.treasurevalleyhomestaging.com

Photo and Biography written for a coach at Gracie Barra Boise. www.gbboise.com

Sample of Writing From Personal Blog

This article was written for a family member to promote a business endeavor.  I combined personal stories and humor to lure the reader in closer.