Your business is taking every spare minute of your time  and you need to invest even more time into it in order to get it off the ground and running (because, let’s face it, having a steady income is awfully nice).  I can help you by doing the heavy lifting of content creation so that you can put your time and energy taking care of the pieces of your business that need your immediate and constant attention.  

*Writing: Editing, Fact Checking, Content Creation and Ghost Writing

*Creative Web Content Design Creating and arranging content to help you get your website up and running.

*Social Media Journalist: Helping you reach your audience

*Photography: Lifestyle & Marketing


Ok, but now what?

Let me help you pull it all together. Let’s chat about what you are trying to achieve.  With my pen and lens, I can help you write, edit, create, and capture your intent with just the style you need.  That’s Smart Storytelling.  Contact me for a custom quote.